Twin Pines: The Body

Drama, Suspense, Thriller

Grim but gripping US streaming show Twin Pines where you’re never more than two epsiodes away from another teenage girl found dead in the woods. This is quite sparse, all brooding atmosphere.

Composer: Guy Rowland

Publisher: Guy Rowland Broadcast

Album Name: Sound On Screen US TV

Album ID: SOS02

Track Number: 13

Label: Sound On Screen

00:00 The cop car arrives at the car park
00:31 Cop Eliz is at the crime scene. It's grim.
00:49 Eliz approaches the body by a stream. Tense.
01:09 Some vile and unmentionable thing has been found
01:50 Eliz drives to Fran's house
02:22 Fran thinks she has heard from her missing daughter, but Eliz has bad news to break.