The Wumble Tumbles


Preschool show engineered to present as delightful and comforting to a 2 year old, yet simultaneously trippy and terrifying to their parents.

Composer: Guy Rowland

Publisher: Guy Rowland Broadcast

Album Name: Sound On Screen UK TV

Album ID: SOS01

Track Number: 8

Label: Sound On Screen

00:00 Sun is up, and the Wumble Tumbles awake and say "Hiya"
00:34 They set off exploring with their little cart
00:42 Splashing near a stream
01:00 Delightful things appear
01:30 Here comes the Wumble Trundle that takes them on a tour.
02:06 The Wumble Trundle stops for no reason, so they go back home to bed.