Sword of Fury

Action, Fantasy, Fighting Game, Historical

Schwing! Historical fantasy beat-em-up / slash-em-up. After character and game set up and a prologue of medieval trash talk, we’re into a full pitched battle between male and female warriors. If you’ve seen Black Mirror’s Striking Vipers you know where this sort of thing might lead. Not in this version, mind, this is simply traditional, wholesome violence.

Composer: Matthew Acheson

Publisher: Guy Rowland Broadcast / Matthew Acheson

Album Name: Sound On Screen Video Games

Album ID: SOS04

Track Number: 9

Label: Sound On Screen

00:00 Menu selections
00:13 Trash Talk between evildoer and warrior, and then…
00:29 Battle 1 commences
02:08 With a scream, the warrior is defeated.
02:12 Menu selections