Our Loves, Our Lives

Drama, Soap

Drama! Spectacularly overwraught American daytime soap opera. Tech note – the main mixes have that low level wildly pumping hiss that seems to accompany this entire genre. It is deliberate on our part, honest. In fact we reigned it in. Stems, M+E and Under Dialogue Mix are clean.

Composer: Guy Rowland

Publisher: Guy Rowland Broadcast

Album Name: Sound On Screen US TV

Album ID: SOS02

Track Number: 10

Label: Sound On Screen

00:00 At the hospital. Steve seems OK. But...
01:11 Drama! He doesn't recognise Holly!!
00:34 Drama!! He thinks the capital of the US is Paris!!!
00:57 The doctor explains about the amnesia
01:31 Steve arrives at home. Holly is distraught.
02:13 Drama!!!! And they're having an affair!!!!!