On The Run

US Movie
Action, Blockbuster, Spy

Dialogue-free. Spotted in some European city, our protagonist makes off on foot, steals a car and causes car-chasey mayhem. All of this is filmed on hand held cameras zoomed right into the drivers’ pupils making everyone in the audience feel sick. Thank goodness this is just the audio.

Composer: Guy Rowland

Publisher: Guy Rowland Broadcast

Album Name: Sound On Screen Movies

Album ID: SOS03

Track Number: 5

Label: Sound On Screen

00:00 Our anti-hero is spotted in a street market and takes flight on foot…
00:29 …breaking into a car, then dodging bullets as he wheel spins outta there.
00:42 The car chase is on.
01:10 Shots fired… skids… the cops take chase…
01:37 …and smash en-masse into traffic. The helicopters take over….
02:00 ...but our protagonist dives into a side street, a waiting getaway car and escapes.