Cybertron 2039

US Movie
Action, Blockbuster, Sci-Fi

Everything is turned up to eleventy-stupid in this noisy robot-smashy blockbuster. As massive robots lay waste the populus, the geeks try to hack them.

Composer: Guy Rowland

Publisher: Guy Rowland Broadcast

Album Name: Sound On Screen Movies

Album ID: SOS03

Track Number: 9

Label: Sound On Screen

00:00 The Cybertron approach the city and open fire.
00:16 The geeks argue.
00:21 More carnage.
00:39 Female Geek has an idea.
01:08 The hacked Cybertron stops firing and reboots to the sound of epic French Horns.
01:40 Female Geek now in control, the robots turn on each other. Extremely loudly.